Sept. 20, 2023: World Energy GH2 announces funding initiative for CNA students – Press Release – CNA student scholarships

August 30, 2023: WEGH2 pleased with another major achievement as Crown lands are awarded. Press Release – Crown Land Approval

August 22, 2023: World Energy GH2 takes important step in leading the global green hydrogen race – Press Release – Environmental Impact Statement Submission

June 1, 2023: World Energy GH2 acquires the Port of Stephenville – Press Release – Port Acquisition

May 29, 2023: World Energy GH2 closes SK ecoplant investment in Project Nujio’qonik – Press Release – SK agreement closes

May 17, 2023: SK ecoplant invests in World Energy GH2’s Project Nujio’qonik – Press Release – Press Release – SK ecoplant investment


News Media

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CBC News: “World Energy GH2 buys Stephenville port to clear the way for producing and shipping hydrogen

Financial Post: “South Korean company to buy 20% stake in Newfoundland green hydrogen project

Atlantic Business Magazine: “Atlantic Canada: wind, hydrogen and the folks working to realize the potential

Atlantic Business Magazine: “World Energy GH2 helping Atlantic Canada become a green energy leader

CBC Newfoundland Morning (radio): Interview with John Risley regarding the Community Vibrancy Fund

Saltwire: “World Energy GH2 creates $10-million community fund for Stephenville-Port au Port area”

Saltwire: “World Energy GH2 signs MOUs with Qalipu First Nation, Town of Stephenville

Saltwire: “Commentary: The place for hydrogen is here, and the time is now

BNN Bloomberg: “Mayor of Canada’s future hydrogen hub touts best wind corridor in North America

CTV News: “Canada, Germany sign deal to start hydrogen shipments by 2025

CBC News: The National “Germany signs energy pact with Canada to reduce reliance on Russian gas” (video)

Global News: “Here comes hydrogen: How this abundant element could revolutionize the way we fuel our lives